Ground Test CRPS Unit Delivered

Ground Test CRPS Unit Delivered

The complete set of components for the ground test Prototype CRPS unit have now been delivered.

Following verification and passivation the components will be assembled at Potenza’s Coventry Workshop Facility.
The top right photo shows the inner and outer coaxial shafts and splined drive rings engineered to fit the two YASA 750 series motors.
A specially adapted electric vehicle is being used to ground test the completed CRPS unit. A comprehensive instrument package is being fitted to monitor and record all aspects of the CRPS performance during the tests.  The vehicle will be used to undertake both static and mobile tests to simulate aircraft taxing and ground manoeuvring at up to 60mph.


Photo shows the electric vehicle with battery packs, inverters and associated electronics equipment  prior to its conversion to CRPS test rig duties.

The tests will be conducted with a set of fixed pitch contra rotating propellers designed and manufactured under the propeller development program “Novel Contra Rotating Propellers for Electric Aircraft” funded by NATEP and being undertaken by Hercules Propellers Ltd and CEP.

Following the introduction by YASA Motors of an upgraded version of the standard 750 Motor to 750R specification,  CEP Ltd., is investigating the mechanical and electrical implications for a CRPS design utilising 4 motors to offer a 500kW  (625 shaft horse power) system. As with the existing design, this unit would be configured to offer true twin “engine” status.



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